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Sims FreePlay Top 5 Tips for New Players Getting Started

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Here are our Sims FreePlay Top 5 Tips and Tricks which we’ve learned playing the game, in celebration of the Sims FreePlay’s 5th Birthday! 🙂 We designed this tutorial with Sims FreePlay beginners and new players in mind, so if you’re new to Sims FreePlay, we hope this is helpful!

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AMAZING TIPS ( Free xp lp SIMOLEON) Glitch and cheats (sims freeplay)

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1# cooking

Cook with multiple sims to complete sets faster. If you are trying it for the first time, then you will first unlock new kitchen items and then you will have to reset collection. That how you will receive 5 sp. while doing this all you will also receive massive amounts of xp

2# Live events

They are amazing and interesting. Before going to sleep you can keep them making poetry. This will also give you good amount of xp but the exact point is you will unlock new expensive thing which you receive for free.

3# Planting

Planting is a very good way to make xp and simoleons. You might say that doing a job is exactly same as planting so it’s a time wastage. Nope, you actually earn less xp in job and when you plant you get the equal amount of money and xp.

4# Collecting money around the sim city

It’s free and a small amount but worth it. Imagine if you reach a time where where you have 0 xp and simoleons, this would be helpful.

5# Baking

It’s like planting..

6# Neighbour

I exactly don’t have friends as neighbors but if you do it can give you free gifts

If you want me to post a video of that glitch from which you get 65,000 items like this video and let it reach to 20 likes

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Sims Freeplay | Chic Boutique Live Event Walkthrough *with tips*

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The Sims FreePlay Chic Boutique Event will be available to start 17 July 2018. This Sims FreePlay fashion themed event will last for 10 days and you can unlock many furniture, decorations and clothes themed around high end shopping.

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