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Sims Freeplay Hack 2018 – Free Simoleons and Lifestyle Points Guide Android iOS and PC

GET Sims FreePlay LP and Simoleons!

Hey Everyone! In this video, I’m going to show a Sims Freeplay Hack. Following this tutorial, you will be able to generate free simoleons and free lifestyle points on The Sims Freeplay. You should note that as far as I can tell this, this is an unlimited tool. Neither I nor my friends have had any issue getting as many Simoleons and Lifestyle Points as we wanted. I found this posted on Reddit, but the thread has since been deleted so I’m sharing it for you.

Website –

How does it work?
This Sims Freeplay tool works on both Android and iOS. All you have to do is visit the link above (it’s also in the video), choose how much free lifestyle points or simoleons you want, then you activate the tool. Note – It will take a few minutes to start adding the currency to your Freeplay accounts. You just have to give it a few minutes, don’t be impatient or make comments before you let the program run!

If you’re still confused, just watch the video. It’s a short video, but I cut around to show you just how simple it is to make use of this. There aren’t a ton of steps, but I go through all them so you see how easy it is to use these Sims freeplay cheats.

I’m a big fan of all of the sims games. I’ve been following the series since I was young, and have the games on multiple platforms. That said, when I first learned it could be hacked, I was pretty excited, but no one ever wanted to show me how to hack sims games. Once I found this cheat, I knew that I could either be selfish or I could share it witha ll of you. I decided to do the right thing and share it, since I know what it’s like to seek out cheats for a game and get NO help. FYI all I had to do was some heavy-duty Google searching to find this.

Still! Remember to support the official Sims’ games releases. They put a lot of work into those games. Show your support!

No Human Verification?
No. There’s no human verification with this Sims Freeplay tool. On a few special occassions, depending on your IP and how much the hack is being used at that time, it might ask you to verify. If it does, it’s no big deal – they tend to take just a few seconds to do. If you’re on mobile it’s even easier, all you have to do is install and run a couple apps on your phone and you get verified, just like that. Takes less than a minute to do in those cases.

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Last updated late 2018.
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GET Sims FreePlay LP and Simoleons!