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Sims Freeplay Cheat (iDevices ONLY)

GET Sims FreePlay LP and Simoleons!

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MAC I-FunBox-

Sims freeplay file-


Steps:1.Restart your game on your device so you have one sim, just hangin at their first house
2. Keep sims open, and plug in your device to your computer
3. Open ifunbox and go to user applications, and find the sims freeplay, double click it, then double click documents
4. Delete ‘savegames’ folder that you see
5. go to your device, close the sims app, and delete from multitask
6. Go to computer, and open the file document that you downloaded from link above, locate the “savegames” folder from that file, and copy and past (or drag) that into ifunbox. **the same place you just deleted savegames from.
7. open the sims on your device and you should see 100,000,000SIMOLEONS & 88,888,888LPS!!!!!!
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GET Sims FreePlay LP and Simoleons!